PSC Companion

PSC Companion utilises the APIs provided by Peter Symonds College to portray college data in a mobile-friendly way. Development is still very much within early days but the ability to login, search for free rooms and a view of the campus map is currently in operation. The interface could also do with a tidy up, but the priority is to get it all working. The biggest to-do is the timetable. A pre-alpha build is available here, but be warned it's extremely incomplete at this stage. 

I'm going to be restarting development of PSC Companion over the summer as my EPQ project. I'm currently yet to decide whether to restart development or re-use the existing base as I admit there are some flaws. 

The intrigued people out there may wish to look at the code for PSC Companion - aren't you lucky? There's also the link to the APIs themselves here, but note that the documentation behind them is very shoddy. There was no mention of token refresh at all and all network operations are on the UI thread, meaning Android will kill it instantly.