This is a personal site used for hosting applications, files and a gateway into various services on my network. It's also the home of PSC Companion, an Android app I'm currently in the middle of cobbling together that will link into the Peter Symonds College APIs.

My home server:
I have a server at home doing Active Directory, file sharing, backup co-ordination (urBackup) and running a few virtual machines. It's using an AMD Athlon 5350, 8GB of Hyper-X DDR3 RAM and an ASUS AM1 motherboard. Overall I'm happy with it, a system capable of hardware virtualisation with a relatively low TDP of 25W for a tiny cost. For the motherboard, CPU and RAM I only spent £90 back in 2016. Add in some hard drives (2x 2TB WD Blues) and a PSU and case I had lying around has given birth to a quite capable server for my home lab. The system currently runs Windows Server 2012R2 with a few Linux (and one Windows) VMs on Hyper-V. One of the VMs hosts the gateway. I've also thrown Plex on it and it works great although it fails to do 1080p transcoding in realtime, but I never purchased it as a powerhouse. Currently I'm planning on turning it into a CCTV server too.

I've now got a little UPS - an APC CS 350. It seems to be working great at the minute, even though it was a quick purchase off eBay. £32 but it doesn't come with any cables: doh! The cheeky sods at APC want you to pay £15 for a data cable though, and it misleadingly looks like a standard RJ45 jack. Turns out it's an RJ50, but I found a crimped end of a cable on eBay for £5 and connected it with a butchered USB cable.